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How to Prevent Epoxy Floor Coatings From Weakening

The popularity of epoxy floor coating is fast-growing today. In case your flooring has serious damages, you should hire an expert to handle the prep stage. Once the expert is done with repairs, you can choose the best epoxy coating to apply. It is paramount to note that concrete floor coatings are not used the same way. It is important to consider the environment and the setting when choosing the coating to apply. You also need to evaluate the nature of wear your floor undergoes daily.

The best coating should adhere to your concrete flooring and should serve you as per the recommendation of the manufacturer. Many industrial floor coatings are resin-based, and the resin may dry out when exposed to UV radiation. This compromises the good resin flexibility and leads to cracking. It also lowers its effectiveness as far as covering the surface is concerned. Another effect of the UV radiation is that it may lead to yellowing and discoloring of the resins
Moisture in the air or floor might also lead to damage to the coating. The flooring moisture may emanate from the soil below, and when it rises through the flooring medium, it leads to gasification, which causes bubbles formation that exerts pressure on your coating and might make it crack. In case the moisture content is very high, it may make your coating to deteriorate
The chances of the floor covering losing its grip are very high. In case you apply floor coating in an area that needs a lot of water to remain clean. Absences of adhesion may make the coating come off the flooring, and create air bubbles. It may also cause issues that may make the coating to crack and leave the surface.

The floor coating may also fail in case the surface is improperly prepared. Getting rid of debris and dirt from the flooring before you apply the coating is very important. Removal of debris will ensure that the surface is in good condition to permit adherence of the sealant to the surface. Also, proper cleaning of the surface to remove debris and dirt can help prevent peeling and chipping that can take place a few days after application.

Another reason your floor coating may fail is due to contraction and expansions of the surface beneath. Application of sealant without the right analysis of the surface may cause cracks to develop in brittle coating layers. These cracks permit penetration of moisture and facilitate corrosion leading to coating failure.

The durability of the epoxy coating depends on its application. The epoxy coating offers a glossy finish that lasts longer, but it requires systematic and fast application since it easily hardens when mixed. Once the coating is applied, the floor should remain untouched for about one week to ensure proper drying. Hiring a professional to apply the coating can ensure that it is done right and you get excellent results. Remember that having work done right first hand ensures durability that eventually helps to save you money. Make sure that you hire a professional with skills and experience in floor coating application.

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