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Essential Indicators That an Infant Has Autism
It is also impossible to believe that boys are more likely to have autism than girls. It is also vital to note that autism is one of the fewest conditions that can be diagnosed very early in life as well. There is a great need for anyone taking care of children to have adequate knowledge about autism and its signs such that they know when they have to seek professional help on the same. This website complies some of the most common signs and symptoms of autism that are popular among children and infants and how the condition presents itself as seen below.

Kids that lack adequate eye contact with people around them are most likely to have autism considering that infants have some natural interest in looking at people’s eyes and the face but with autism, the kids lose the same over time. Comparison and research shows that autistic kids spend half the time required to look at people in their eyes and spend the other half gazing at objects around them.

Lack of adequate smiling is another indicator of autism in children considering that infants always smile back every time one smiles at them. There is however no reasons for alarm if the kid takes longer to start smiling but then one should start getting concerned when the reflex smiles do not set in by 3 months. Talking to a professional in such circumstances is the best decision as they can help to determine the problem and how to handle it.

More signs that indicate autism in kids include paying unreasonable attention to nonliving things without really understanding their purpose and at the same time, they also put most of their focus on the parts of the object rather than the object itself. Some of the other things to look out for when observing for autism in kids include fascinations for lights and spinning objects as well as fixations on just parts of the toy and not the whole toy. Most children with autism also lack verbal noises which include babbling that mostly begins at 4 months while the autistic ones that achieve the same in the end do not reach the required amount. Since children should always respond to their name adequately all the time, it is said that those that do not do so by age 1 are most likely to end up autistic.

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