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Expected Participants in a Pow wow Event

Different people from various traditions gather together and interact as they celebrate in pow wow. Different songs and dancing styles are showcased during pow wow by people from different cultures and anions all over the world. There are no limitations to members of the public who feel and want to attend pow wow gathering no matter their race or where they come from. Cultural dances, drumming and singing are some of the vital activities which are presented at a pow wow gathering. Pow wow is a form of socializing event which is full of fun activities and must be retained as sacred by not making it impure with any immoral acts. You can attend pow wow event as long as you feel like however, there are no limitations which can stop different people from attending the event or chasing the present members away.

Pow wow is held annually at the kick off of the spring season. Marking the end of cold winter season and welcoming of the hot spring is welcomed through a celebration ceremony which is known as pow wow. Most probably pow wow are said to take place at any time between spring and the beginning of summer season. Pow wow dances are done by people hoping around in circuits just as it normally happens in festivals.

People from different cultures nations and communities interact after coming together during pow wow. The dancing styles can be initiated by forming a small circle at the beginning which alter grows into a bigger circuit surrounded buy people all over.
A sacred ceremony is held at the beginning of pow wow and it is only attended by few people the others who are no involved are left out. Participants of the pow wow event begin dancing in their known styles to mark the kick off of the pow wow ceremony. This is at times a competition which is full of fun and creativity whereby, it holds the main event.

Women and men dance in separate groups and they are not supposed to interact during the session. Each group and community should dance in specific style which is not similar to any of the rest of the participants.

Jewelry, different clothes, artefacts and food stuffs are some of the commodities sold around by allowed vendors to the spectators. In fact you cannot participate in pow wow if you are shy, for you to participate in the event you should be confident. Socialization happens in the course of the event whereby, people get a chance to interact with the rest of the locals. Ethnicity is not considered when the event is scheduled to take place.

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