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Advantages Of Using Paper As A Packaging Material

Wood , cloth or grasses can be used to produce a thin material referred to as paper. This material has various uses such as writing, printing , decorating, cleaning, packaging and other industrial processes. Oil can be used to produce plastic which has synthetic or semi-synthetic organic compounds that enable it to be molded into solid. The uses of plastic include as packaging, piping and plumbing.

The benefits of using paper material over the plastic material for packaging are discussed in this article. One of the aspect to highlight is their effects to the environment . It is easy for a paper to degenerate leaving no traces behind since it is biodegradable hence being environmentally friendly. On the other hand, plastics are not biodegradable hence once discarded will retain their form for a long period of time. To destroy plastic, UV rays are needed hence said to be photo degradable which to accomplish that takes a long period. Increase in level of air pollution, neatness of a place and soil fertility are some of the things that plastic waste affects since it takes long to be destroyed.

Another effect of plastic towards the environment is related to wildlife and marine life. Plastics have caused deaths of a number of animals through starvation having taken it thinking it was food to them. The recycling option is yet another element to consider when we think of our environment. Paper bag recycling is highly preferred since the process is easier and the product produced is of good quality while recycling of plastics is hard due to an intense process and the quality of the product discourages majority from recycling it.

Paper bags can be branded and appear in different qualities which makes them preferred by some groups of people as a symbol of status.

Companies can use paper bags to advertise themselves and create competition to its rivals. Quality premium bags with the brand of a company or any other important information being labeled on the bag could be such a captivating thing to customers.

The use of paper bags to pack things to customers is a good marketing strategy for business people since customers view the products as being of high quality and they find it convenient to carry especially for hot items. Offers being given by sellers can be written on the bag and a photo of the item inside to stimulate more sales.

The above information has been able to highlight reasons one would get to prefer paper as their packaging bag.

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