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Handy Tips about the Second Coming of Jesus Christ

For us, every Christian believer, the second coming of Son of God, is not something to joke around. We believe the Jesus Christ ones lived among men. The teaching of Christianity does approve of using that he will come again at the ends of time. Everything that we have in this world has an end and the season shows us this. It is clear to you all things earthly things varnish with time. Therefore at the end of time, the work will end and Jesus will return for our sake. Some of use do dispute us but it takes a true believer to see and indemnify the sighs that are well-elaborated in the book of God.

Since Jesus ascended to heaven, most of us have been trying hard to study all the relevant material that will show us the time of his return. But in the book of Matthew chapter 24, it is clearly stated that the coming back of our savior Jesus Christ is of no one knowing. This verse does tell us that you cannot know the specific day nor the year .all you need to do is stay prepared because it is not of knowledge. The signs we see are to help us know that the time is nearing.

In the book of Matthew, chapter 20 still talk of Jesus saying that signs of the son of man will be seen in the sky and this will make people morn. Those signs are the problem that will face in the world today. We are becoming more modernized yet our problems become better for us. We try very hard to explain the cause of the floods in different parts of the world. Measures are taken but the flooding gets better of us. These are the sighs that god himself talked about. We continue ignoring that but we will continue suffering because of these floods until our savior comes and get us from this world. Jesus himself told him displaces all this. As we read the gospel books talk more of these floods and that we won’t have enough to eat and drink since they will be all carried away.

We have demons who are working our angles of God in our churches today. What they do is perform a fake miracle to Christians who are seeking the mercy of God. They make Christians think that they have to meet Jesus through these greedy people. This false prophet they are only interested in the material and wealthy gain they get from the people of God. The bible talked of these evil men who are bad vices in the community; we all required to know them and torment them out of our churches.

What we are seeing is fighting of nations .the so-called rulers want to continue oppressing the less fortunate nations. These are things the bible teaches us to look for. The rulers of the world want to occupy seats that make them feel like they have authority over all men. They forget that God is all above and he is the only person who has authority over us. We should be keener and get to know everything we need to know as we prepare to know about the second coming of Jesus Christ.

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