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Effects of a Low Carb Diet

Carbs in your diet are a major contributor to your weight gain problems. If you wish to lose weight and maintain overall better health, you need to find a way to ditch the carbs. A low carb diet is a way to go.

The advantages of a low carb diet are best demonstrated by the presence of fat in tour diet. Fat is essential in your diet, while carbs are not. When you decide to switch to a low carb diet, you need to increase your fat intake. Fat serves many purposes in your body, one of which is acting as a source of fuel, thus replacing the carbs you normally rely on. Besides that, there are other key benefits of lowering your carb intake.

A low carb diet gives you better blood sugar and insulin levels. The carbs we eat directly affect our blood sugar and insulin levels. When you lower your carb intake, you will notice a lowered sugar level in the body, as well as lowered insulin need. Those sugars are high and erratic in cases of type 2 diabetes, dementia, cancer and cardiovascular disease. If you are in danger of, need to avoid, or have any of these conditions, you need to get into a low carb diet as soon as possible.

A low carb diet also helps you keep that feeling of satiety or longer. You, therefore, will beat the urge to eat often, thus reducing your overall body weight. When you have spikes of blood sugar and insulin levels, you will have more hunger pangs. The fat intake in your low carb diet will keep you feeling fuller for longer.

A diet low in carbs is also good for your heart. The diet will reduce triglycerides, which contributes to most of the cardiovascular diseases while increasing the concentrations of the good cholesterol HDL. You will also have minimal inflammation in the body, which tends to damage the heart. The fact that you will weigh less means you will not exert too much pressure on your heart. Obesity is a major precursor to heart diseases.

It is worth focusing more on the effects of a low carb diet on your weight loss goals. There have been many studies and experiments done to investigate that relationship. Of all the studies done, it has become clear that you will lose the most weight when you are on a low carb diet, as opposed to a low-fat diet. The improvements noted in satiety, cardiovascular status, and reduced inflammation are all major contributors to your weight loss goals. Generally speaking, weight gain is the difference between your caloric intake and your caloric output. No matter your lifestyle, if you take a certain amount of calories in your diet, and only use up and expel anything less, you are left with a deficit in the body that reflects the weight gain. Carbs have high caloric content more than any other food group. A diet rich in carbs will, therefore, make you gain the most weight, at the same activity level, as one with more fat and fewer carbs. If the diet is not only low carb and high fat but also high in protein, you will lose more weight, due to the action of digesting proteins, which needs more calories.

It becomes clear, therefore, that a diet low in carbs is good for your health and wellbeing. You need to try out this low carb bagels, and other dietary items, for better health.

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