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A child is a slow learner if his or her IQ is slightly lower than that of an average child. Slow learning is either genetic or non-genetic. There are health conditions that affect the development of the brain of the child, thus causing him or her to be a slow learner. The child may be disinterested to learn, gets distracted quickly, or is too slow to grasp concepts. A parent has a major role to play in the academic success of the child because the parent understands the child better than the teachers. Here are the things a parent can do to improve the learning ability of the child.

Before you conclude that your child is a slow learner, you should try some training measures to find out if the child can concentrate more on their studies. Seek medical attention to determine whether the condition is genetic or non-genetic. Treatments can be administered to boost the development of the brains of the child if slow learning has been caused by an illness. Do not administer brain-boosting medications to the child without the consent of the medical expert who is specialized in treating the brain.

Collaborate with the teachers when they call upon you. When teachers recommend specific reading materials for the child, please do your best to provide most of those materials. Explain to the teachers the personalities of your child for them to understand how to handle the child.

You should be patient with the child. Do not rush the child into understanding concepts. All him or her to understand them at his or her pace. Every child has their shortcomings. Do not have high expectations from your child that how or she cannot deliver because disappointment makes you worry more and make hasty destructive decisions for him or her.

Motivate the child with rewards and words of encouragement when he or she performs better. Every small achievement deserves an award to make the child feel valued and appreciated.

The child will try his or her best to improve on his or her grades gradually. Improve the self-esteem of the child by encouraging him or her to do what they are best at. Find out the talents that the child has because the child should not be made to feel less important because of their academic performance. There are more things that the child will take you by surprise because of how good they are in them.

Hire a private tutor to help the child at home with his or her studies. Your child needs special attention and more time to learn. If you are not too busy, please follow up to know what the child is learning. The child should also be comfortable with the tutor who you hire.

Never label your child as a slow learner, whether in public or private or allow others to do so. The child feels protected when you come to his or her defense because being called a slow learner is demeaning and hurting. No one, not even an adult, will appreciate being called a slow learner.

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