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Guidelines For Setting Up A Beautiful Small Aquarium.

Setting up aquarium as recommended will make the room more appealing and a great masterpiece. Putting up the aquarium on your own can be a daunting task especially if you are do not have the right training. Below are essential tips that can help you set up an aquarium. One of the first things to do is make a plan. Make a detailed plan of what kind of aquarium you would wish to build the kind of fish you want to have and any additional items you need for the aquarium. Having a list of things that you need will prevent you from buying unnecessary things. Research about the different types of fish you have chosen for the aquarium to determine the compatible ones. The various fish need different environment tank sizes and water types to breed. Taking time to research and learn about fish before you set up the aquarium will ensure you succeed in the set up. Once you have bought the necessary items prepare the fish tank. Clean the tank properly. Use the right cleaning agents that do not have adverse side effects on the fish.

The tank should be placed far from any electrical outlet and where it will not come into contact with any direct sun rays. Place the tank where it will be staying before you add water to the tank. The surface where you choose to place the tank should be capable of holding the weight of the tank since it can be heavy especially for the aquariums that do not come with an in-built stand. One you position the tank to its permanent place add substrate. Choose the right substrate according to the type of fish that you will be keeping in the aquarium. The water should remain clear after adding the substrate, and this can be achieved if the substrate is cleaned before it is added in the tank. The equipment should be set up once you have added water on the tank. The aquarium equipment consists of filter, air pump the heater and other aquarium accessories. The accessories and the dcor should be added once all the equipment are fitted in the aquarium. Add plants that can thrive in the aquarium such as the mushroom coral. The tank should be cycled before adding the fish to make sure you build up bacteria which plays a big role to the health of fish.

In the final step add the fish to the aquarium. Add fish slowly in small batches as you let them get used to the new environment and other fish in the aquarium. Observe the fish closely to see whether they are adapting in the new environment. Make sure the equipment in the tank is functioning properly, and the tank is cleaned thoroughly.

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