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Marketing Your Business with Custom-Printed T-Shirts

Regardless of the product or service you provide, the world first has to know that you exist. Custom t-shirts are a simple way of doing that – by creating a visual connection with people.

Easy and Cheap Does It

Whoever invented t-shirt printing was an Einstein. That’s cheap and tireless advertising right there! Simply print your logo on a t-shirt and you’ve got name going places. You may not get the wide exposure of a billboard, but this option is undeniably more efficient. People wear the shirt and become your walking billboard.

Short-term, Amplified Production for an Impact Surge

This technique can have great potential, depending on how much funds you can allocate for promotion. A fast and pumped up mass production can bring a wave of local or regional curiosity in your company. The idea is to dispatch a huge volume of physical ads – in this case, your custom t-shirts – within a small community within a quick stretch of time, and to create a buzz as a result. Crowds bring in crowds, and all of us are inclined to respond to repetitive visuals.

Giveaways for Customers

One thing you can be absolutely sure of is that people will appreciate anything free. If you’re at a business event and you put a pile of your shirts beside your table, people may well line up to get one. You’re handing out something well-loved by everyone – a t-shirt! For best results, you might want to throw in a tote bag. You can even mail these items to their door if you have a mailing list. This is a great way to establish goodwill with customers.

Visual Reinforcement

You can keep promoting your products or services with words, but without a visually stimulating element, you’d be lucky if they even remember your company’s name, much less what you offer.

Except for people who have a photographic memory, we’re all more likely to remember something with an image than one with just text alone. This may well be why t-shirts are effective.

Choosing a Quality Custom T-Shirt Printer

In the end, it could all come down to the printing quality on your t-shirts. If it’s bad, remember that this will reflect on your brand. So make sure you take time to choose a good custom t-shirt printing company to partner with. Do your research! Making the wrong choice because of disinformation is just unacceptable today. Take advantage of the Internet and read as many reviews as you can, but stick to reputable consumer websites to avoid being misled.
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