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How Alzheimer’s is Treated

Even though the Alzheimer’s disease cannot be stopped or reversed as soon as one develops it, you will realize that it can still be controlled. We have a couple of discoveries that seek to stop the rapid development of this disease. It is through this that the affected brains become much more functional and even stay for an extended period of time. This disease is responsible for the death of one’s brain cells. There are various methods that have been adopted to treat this disease. You will get to learn more about them as you keep on reading.

You will learn that there is passive immunotherapy that is purposed to stop the production of beta-amyloid. This is a substance that is known to move around the blood and even the cerebrospinal fluid. This mode of treatment is still being improved. It is necessary to mention that the blockage of the accumulation of beta-amyloid on the brain cells will time and again be realized. You need to keep in mind that scientists are working on a drug that will make sure that such amyloids do not pile up. There will also be great value in considering the tau tangles as well. Tau usually causes the destruction of the internal structure. It will actually be great for a drug that handles all these to be discovered. We have a couple of vaccines being tested.

The use of blood sugar is also being consider. You will witness that the brains of many affectd persons do not use blood sugar. This is why an experimental drug called intranasal insulin has been created. This drug aims at repairing metabolic defects. Increasing this glucose will certainly help in repairing damaged brain cells. You will also find that there is a decrease in inflammation. Inflammation has been noted as one of the factors that result in brain cell death. A drug that has anti-inflammatory properties will certainly be ideal. Protection of brain cells from toxic beta-amyloids is also important. This will ensure that the number of cells attacked by abnormal cells certainly reduces. Neuroprotective drugs will also come in handy.

The effectiveness of dietary supplements can hardly be questioned. You will actually find it worth going for food that features anti-inflammatory as well as antioxidant properties will be essential. These foods will protect the brain from damage. There are also non-medical approaches to treat AD. You will have to make a choice between behavioral management and ultrasound therapy. Behavioral management involves brain therapy and physical activities. Ultrasound therapy is quite invasive because it uses brain stimulation.

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