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Which Services Can You Get from Family Law Sacramento Divorce Mediation?

Divorce mediation touches on the process where your mediators acts as the neutral third party in helping your reach an agreement or settlement in legal matters. The main work of divorce mediators is guiding the discussion while helping you explore the various alternatives of settlement. They also have a hand in resolving difficult conflicts.

How Does the Procedure Work?

Private mediation sessions are scheduled normally between you and your spouse in the presence of the divorce mediator. Through the session, ideas and information are exchanged between the two parties on different ways of solving the differences.

You will be informed of the law as it relates to your case by your mediator. This law includes means of diving property, paying child support among others. The process allows you and your spouse to reach an agreement together. This reduces the need of seeking an attorney to settle your case in court in front of a judge.

What Can I Gain from the Mediation?

From the mediation, both parties are able to obtain legal information as it relates from a neutral and non-adversarial attorney. Additionally, it is less expensive when compared to the traditional litigation. This makes the process a bit sensitive in terms of finances to both parties.

With mediation, there is reduced fears which is relate to the normal legal separation process. It also rules out the possibilities of court appearances. There is also the advantage of avoiding the hostility which is as a result of the court proceedings.

Both parties in mediation are evenly involved in the decision making process. It also allows both parties to move at a mutually beneficial pace while taking fraction of time as compared to other court proceedings.

There is also a level of communication and cooperation created between both parties thus creating certainty in payment of dividends in the future. With mediation, both parties also are able to transition smoothly in case of couples with children.

This is from martial partners to parenting partners. It also allows for the development of a parenting plan which suits the interest of both parties with the children in mind. It is the role of the mediator to ensure they provide both parties with relevant information pertaining to the legal services.

Is There Need for an Attorney?

All the court documents needed will be prepared beforehand. This includes the summons, settlement agreement, petition, stipulated court order, qualified domestic relations order among many.
You will additionally be involved in seeking an independent attorney in terms of consultation, further information on complex issues and advice. This will help in times of deciding on the tax considerations, review of legal agreements, conflict impasse and valuation problems.

What are the Going Rates?

In terms of the family law sacremento divorce mediation fees, this are usually charged in most cases at an hourly rate. Furthermore, the legal documents are also charged based on a flat free basis. The mediation services are usually charged based on the services used unlike when paying for attorney fees.

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