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Stunning and Amazing Hawaiian Flowers That Everyone Must Know
Even though most people understand that Polynesians were the first people to set their foot on the island of Hawaii, it is vital to note that at least the United States State had flowers already which eventually went into many other places in the end due to wind pollination. It is upon their arrival that they grew and evolved after which they evolved as well as became the diverse flora which plays a crucial role in the Hawaiian people’s daily traditions from knowledge all the way to medicine. For anyone that does not just love flowers but would like to know more about the beautiful native Hawaiian flowers that they should take note of when they eventually visit the island and even in some remote mountain valleys of the tiny islands, they should read through this article to know more.

First on the list comes Viola chamissoniana which is also known as Panakani in Hawaii is a relative to the violets that people easily find in their gardens across the world today but unlike the ordinary violets, these flowers are usually pure white. The reason why it is a native Hawaiian flow to watch and give adequate attention is that it is almost becoming extinct and is currently found in only just three specific places which means that anyone that has interest in seeing it must ensure that they visit the Waianae Mt Range in Oahu.

Hibiscus kokio is another Hawaiian native flower that one will easily recognize considering that so many people across the world know what hibiscus is all thanks to its prominence and popularity. Kokio as it is commonly known in Hawaii, is the native hibiscus flower as well as one of the best and brightest of the entire bunch and unlike the rest, it is also thankfully not just thriving but thrives anywhere as well. It is how easy it grows anywhere that eliminates it from the endangered flower species and just like any other hibiscus species in the world today, it is not just safe to brew but to drink as well which is why the native Hawaiians use it for medicinal purposes.

There is also the Hawaiian rose which is also known as Osteomeles anthylidfolia or ‘ulei’ which is another different Hawaiian flower type that people should add to their cute bouquet species on their list. It grows on branches that look like vines that are known as groundcover which sprawl about four and ten feet across a wet ground. The branches can be used for a wide range if uses including making of ukeke boards and long spears as well as fishing nets in addition to digging poles. The plant on the other hand is highly resilient and among the very few native plants that can survive fire or grow back from ashes. For anyone wondering why the plant is always hardy, it is because of the bases and branches.

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